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Change in CMC Retreat Date


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In view of Sayalay Dipankara's hectic schedule since the beginning of this year, CMC has decided to reschedule the CMC retreat from August to 11th-16th October 2016, in order to give Sayalay adequate time to rest.

We trust that you will understand and support this decision out of metta for Sayalay, so that she does not over exert herself. Please accept our sincere apologies for all inconvenience caused, and we look forward to your participation and support.

On behalf of Sayalay's students all over the world, CMC wishes to thank Sayalay for her guidance and selfless contribution to the Buddha Sasana all these years. May Sayalay stay healthy and live a long life, in order to continue to guide sentient beings along the Path to Nibbana!

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!





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