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Access to Insight - Readings in Theravada Buddhism

A very informative web site on the Theravada Buddhism


Pa-Auk Monastery

The one-stop info about the monastery. Providing accurate and reliable information on the monastery and the teaching Pa-Auk Sayalaw. Many colorful photo can be found too!


Singapore website for Pa-Auk Meditation Centre

All upcoming Dhamma talks, retreats and activities held in Singapore


Malaysia web site for Theravada Buddhism

Some ebooks and audio from Pa-Auk Sayalaw and Sayalay Dipankara can be found in this website.


A library of Meditation Methods

Lots of ebooks on Meditation Methods


Pali-English Dictionary

Online Pali-English translation


Online Pali

Elementary Pali Course


Sayalay's Video Clip

Short clips of Sayalay's video can be found here. She talks about her life and her practice when she was young.




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